Working With Us

HJF Medical Research International relies on vendors to provide services and goods for its supported programs. Before doing business with HJFMRI, all vendors must complete the International Vendor Form. This form establishes your business in HJFMRI’s purchasing system and allows us to pay you for goods and services. The form must be received before HJFMRI can issue a purchase order or contract.

When completing the International Vendor form, pay careful attention to several important items:

  • In the Wire Transfer of Funds for a Foreign Contractor section, vendors should provide all requested information to ensure proper payment.
  • In the Vendor Organization section, vendors must provide their registration number (country business license number) and or tax identification. Street vendors may be excepted from this requirement if the host country exempts the vendors from having a license. Insert “Street Vendor” under such circumstances. Type of Organization should be completed as appropriate.
  • In the Business Size/Classification section of the form, fill in large or small size.
  • In the Affiliates of Vendor section of the form, note any affiliates, including consortia and cooperative businesses.

HJFMRI General Purchasing Standard Terms and Conditions.