HJF Medical Research International

Solving complex challenges in global health

Our Vision: Advance medical research and improve global health to benefit people and communities worldwide.

HJF Medical Research International, Inc. (HJFMRI) over the past two decades has played a key role in the success of hundreds of international medical programs. Working side-by-side with medical researchers from across the globe, HJFMRI provides a wide range of services that facilitate basic research, scientific trials, clinical care, training, capacity-building, facility management and more. From mentoring small entities to managing large consortiums, we partner with the medical community, academia and private industry to pursue the most advanced research.

A Global Partner for Medical Research

To assist with the implementation of medical programs, HJFMRI provides scientific and technical personnel, administrative and logistical support. HJFMRI also provides support services in program operations, sub-award management, regulatory compliance, technology enhancement and necessary manpower for execution. The allows HJFMRI to focus on a variety of global civilian and military health efforts. Diseases currently under study with just one key partner, the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, include HIV, Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), Marburg virus, Lassa fever, tick-borne encephalitis and others. In addition, HJFMRI has extensive experience in training civilian and military personnel located in a host of countries. HJFMRI also supports the implementation of the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) in collaboration with the Military HIV Research Program (MHRP) in several countries throughout Africa.

  • East Africa

    Working in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, HJFMRI focuses on infectious disease surveillance and outbreak response in conjunction with multiple government partners. Our work enables clinicians and lab technicians at more than a dozen facilities to study antimicrobial resistance, malaria drug resistance, influenza, enteric pathogens, acute febrile illness, sexually transmitted infections, Rift Valley fever, vector-borne illnesses and other infectious diseases.

    The Kericho Clinical Research Center operates the first laboratory in Kenya to be accredited by the College of American Pathologists in 2008. The lab is staffed jointly by HJFMRI and the Kenya Medical Research Institute.

  • West Africa

    Working with U.S. government partners, HJFMRI collaborates with the Joint West African Research Group to build labs that offer a variety of clinical research capabilities, including diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines.

  • Thailand

    An RV144 HIV vaccine trial in Thailand that concluded in 2009 demonstrated for the first time a modest ability to protect against HIV infection. This work subsequently led to a series of follow-up studies public and private partners around the world.

  • India

    HJFMRI’s parent organization, HJF, is also involved with four other partners in developing a human vaccine that ended the quarantine of more than 2,000 people in India in 2018 due to an outbreak of Nipah virus. After the Indian government requested an experimental antibody for the virus, which has been traced to fruit bats, HJF assisted in completing agreements authorizing the transfer.

  • Jordan

    HJFMRI recently extended its geographic reach to Jordan with the establishment of the Partnership for Research in the Middle East, which is a military-to-military partnership between the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and the Jordanian Royal Medical Services. Site development and training activities are currently under way.